caring for sherborne through the centuries


The ABBEY PHARMACY is a valuable part of the community who call Sherborne their home. We are located at Hideaway House, 83 Cheap Street, Sherborne, DT9 3BA, opposite The Parade and literally a stone’s throw away from The Abbey from which we take our name.

Owned and operated by local people we are as much part of the fabric of the town as the famous Dorset stone from which our buildings are made. We hope that the way in which we care for our patient’s health is testament to our commitment to the 10,000 strong community of Sherborne and visitors to our lovely town. We offer healthcare that it isn’t easy to access in our part of the world so our care is expanding to include people who live in the local area.

As you will see from our heritage we have been caring for the people of Sherborne for generations. We have a very long history within the town and an equally long relationship with the people who live here. If your family have lived in Sherborne for a while we likely looked after your great grandparents, and we would like to look after your great grandchildren. As the generations pass the baton their needs are changing. We are working hard to provide the modern healthcare that our patients and their families while enhancing the environment of Sherborne. At The ABBEY PHARMACY we value our past even as we press forward into a healthy future.

At our state-of-the-art pharmacy we offer all the traditional care you would expect; prescriptions medicines, over the counter medicines and a range of health and wellness products for you to purchase. We also offer a curated range of leading beauty and skincare brands such as Clarins. We have recently expanded our pharmacy to allow us to incorporate a suite of consultation rooms, enabling us to provide an expanding range of clinical services from vaccinations to dermatology to ear wax removal.

Modern HEALTH AND BEAUTY, traditionally provided

- Medicines -

With over 230 years supplying medicines we have a lot of experience under our belt and can promise a safe, reliable, and expert service

- Clinics -

We are focussed on providing first rate healthcare in the community and our highly qualified pharmacy team offer a range of clinics.

- Beauty -

The ABBEY PHARMACY has become a beacon of beauty where the people of Sherborne and surrounding areas find a wide range of premium beauty brands.

CARING for over 230 years

– Explore over two centuries of healthcare at the heart of Sherborne  –

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